Scoala cu clasele I-VIII, “ Sfintii Constantin si Elena”, Nr. 176

Our school has 4140 square metres and was open in 1991. There are 16 classrooms, 3 labs, library, a gym and also a Resources Room. We are about 34 teachers and 450 students. Children study English from the first grade and French from the fifth grade. There are optional courses and also semestrial activities regarding the culture and civilization of other European Countries and not only. Despite the modest neighbourhood, our school was places on the eight place considering students’ results at the national evaluations in our district. They also have great results at Olympiads and contests and we are very proud of them. Most of the teachers are very interested in using modern methods of teaching and evaluation in order to satisfy the students’ needs and help each to maximize their potential. Moreover, our educative programms, extracurricular and extraschool activities, a good communication with parents and students, different trainings we attend help us know and understand better our students.
Moreover, when nowadays students stay indoors most of their free time in front of their computers or other modern devices while listening to music, watching movies, reading or playing games, chatting with friends ..we consider that it would be healthy for all of them to remember together and experience the new outdoor activities proposed by each partner of the project and reduce the time spent in front of the  computeror television.
Anyway, this era of technology, fast services and decreasing face to face communication, models promoted by media need suplementary explanations to students, guidance in order to see all the parts of it,advantajes and disadvantages and help in order to choose the best means of personal development and use of as many as posible types of intelligences. We are also very interested in experiencing outdoor activities, face to face games games as we are afraid virtual has entered too deep in our students’ life and because it is harder and harder to motivate students to learn and continue learning for  their whole lives. This project would be of much help in this respect and also represent an opportunity for our students and teachers to improve English, learn about other European countries, feel and act as proper European citizens.