Secció d'Institut Serra de Noet

Secció d’institut Serra de Noet is a recent secondary school because it was created in 2006. At the moment we are teaching in provisional mobile homes waiting for the new building to be constructed. The school is small but very active and we are involved in different projects:
- A mathematical project with other Spanish schools.
- A CLIL project (Content and Language Integrated Learning) and for this reason we teach the subject of Physical Education in English.
-  Last course, we started the project Educat 1x1, which implies that all the students have got netbooks with digital books.

Our role in the project is going to be the one of partner.
The school is situated in Berga, which has got more than 17,000 inhabitants who mainly work in the service sector. The families have a medium standard of living and an average cultural level. However, the present economical crisis is affecting the population and unemployment is increasing at an alarming rate. Moreover, there is also an increasing number of immigrant families established in the town with fewer economic resources.
Most of the families are involved in the education of their children either by forming part of the school’s parents’ association or by their involvement in the extracurricular activities organized. It is significant that there is a connection between the uninterested students and the disaffected parents regarding their children’s academic progress.
70 % of the students come from primary schools situated in the same town and the remaining 30% come from other schools in villages assigned to our centre.And most of our students are addicted to computer games nowadays. With this project, we want to refresh some forgotten outdoor games among our pupils and secondary school students.
There is a low percentage of immigrant students (10%) and most of them are completely integrated into Catalan society, although some need curricular adaptations.
Finally, we also have a few students at risk of social exclusion.