Santa Margherita Di Belice

Istituto comprensivo g. T.  Lampedusa

The "Istituto  Comprensivo  G. T. Lampedusa " in Santa Margherita di Belice, Sicily, Italy,  is attended by pupils aged 6-14, from different social contexts.
Besides the students from wealthy families, there are many students who come from less affluent families and have many problems, especially economic.
Many students come from families that their relatives abroad or in northern Italy, and some did not work.
There are also foreign students coming from families from European countries or North Africa, whose families settled in Santa Margherita Belice in recent years.
Our school wants to participate in this project to provide opportunities for our students and all staff coming into contact with other realities, to understand that there are people who, like them, their problems and aspirations also, that each country has its own traditions and culture in which one can find differences but also similarities.
It is mainly the differences that make us understand each other.
We try to be in frequent contact with our partners to know us better and also to follow the work on the planned activities.