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Our project aims at keeping the children away from the anti-social and violent computer games and uplifting the forgotten traditional outdoor games in each partner’s country through the study and analysis of local and international children games. Also, the project encourages us to develop team work skills, imagination problem solving techniques and cipher out ways of exploring values, ideas and variety of opinions among all students and teachers.

In addition, all of our students have the opportunity to improve their English and to develop ICT skills by the help of communicating with new European citizens and using new technologies such as blogs, video conferences and e-mail exchanges. Moreover, learning is fun and enjoyable since children like playing games.

Final products of our project

Traditional Games Book

17/06/2014 09:50
We have published a digital book with the title "Explore traditional games" and ISBN978-618-81295-0-4, which is a collection of twelve  games from each country.


The Comenius Poem

25/04/2014 14:10
Here there is our Comenius Poem. Poem of The Project.pdf (131987)


Culture quizzes

19/02/2014 17:53
Latvia Quizz Greece Quizz Rumania Quizz Italy Quizz Catalonia Quizz Turkey Quizz


Comenius Dictionary

17/01/2014 16:01
Here there is a dictionary with basic words and expressions in English, Latvian, Greek, Italian, Turquish, Romanian, Spanish and Catalan. All the countries have worked together to elaborate this product. Comenius Dictionary.pdf (710548)


The Comenius Song

17/01/2014 16:00
As part of our common project, all the students from the six countries have made this song. Comenius lyrics.pdf (211,5 kB) Comenius song.jpg (45,5 kB)  



We have done all the international meetings and the project is over. We have learned new games, different cultures and we have made friends for life!



These were the winner logos in the different countries:


Catalonia Greece Italy
Latvia Romania Turkey



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July 2013

01/07/2013 15:55
We start holidays. Have a nice Summer to all of you!


June 2013

30/06/2013 15:54
This month all the countries are working with the common dictionary and the coordinators are...



29/05/2013 13:35
The Romanian meeting has just finished and students have come back full of new experiences. They...



17/04/2013 00:00
Easter time! These days, students are working on typical Easter celebrations and it will be nice to...



27/03/2013 14:03
Our second international meeting is over. Students and teachers met in Greece where they could...



26/02/2013 14:01
This month students are learning about famous European artists and producing their own pictures....



30/01/2013 13:59
After Christmas we come back to work again and we start an activity with games that contain a song....


January activity

11/01/2013 10:55
These days, all the partners are involved in the votations for a logo which will represent us...


Christmas activity

13/12/2012 12:00
As a Christmas activity, the students created their own postcards to send to the other European...


Turkey meeting

22/11/2012 00:00
From 15th to 20th November 2012 we had the first international meeting in Bursa/Kestel (Turkey)....